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Let me tell you a story

Hi, I'm Joachim. This is my wine shop, my playground and my little utopia. One late night, a couple of years ago, I sat down and listed all the pros and cons of the wine industry. Then I threw away all the parts that was broken and continued with only the great stuff. I came up with a cocky name, bought the corresponding internet domain and sketched out a simple business model. A few days (and less than €50) later I was ready to enter the insanely overpopulated Danish wine industry. Quite surprising, something resonated with the folks that got in touch with the idea, and six weeks later I had sold my first pallet of wine to 600 prepaying customers. Today, thirty months later, I have worked with more than 25 artisan winegrowers from all over Europe. I still have much work ahead of me and lots of goals to achieve. But hey! Take a look around... See if you like the path that I'm on!