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Unlike other wine subscription services you actually get to pick the wines you want to drink. When you want them. In the quantities you need. We do, however, provide periodic sample cases for the adventurous.

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Taking orders before the wines leave our growers is a great benefit for us. Thus, if you pre-order your wines we will reward you with a substantial discount equal to the one provided for the bars and restaurants we work with. Makes sense, right?

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Regular passers-by will not see our preorder products in the webshop. We simply need your attention and engagement to make sure you know what you are ordering (after all, you haven't had the chance to taste the wine). So you need to sign up below in order to get the offers.

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Our minimal approach have freed up space to specific benefits.


If a wine doesn't live up to the expectations we gave you in our email description we will make everything right. All cost and trouble associated with the purchase and return of the bottles will be taken care of. We need your trust and perhaps this guarantee is a good start.


Natural wines are substances full of life and they act accordingly. There is no "right" way to enjoy these wines but with a few informations, tips and tricks you can come a long way. When you buy a wine from us you will receive a (postcard size) info card for the specific wine.


Storage and transportation of (especially natural) wine is a hassle. Our solution to the problem is a flexible mix of free storage, local pick-up and paid or free delivery options. Hit the header if you want to know more.

Joachim Le Vinhacker

My name is Joachim. I started this business a couple of years ago. I wanted to work with wine but far from agreed with the way the majority of the industry produce, market and distribute their products. Also, the daily work of a wine importer seemed to consist mainly of trivial and time consuming tasks preventing people from developing their business. My response was this: I listed all the things that I wanted to do and (more importantly) all the things that I didn't want to do. Inspired by the world of computer science (but in an analog way) I took a 'hacker's' approach to every single problem, brought out a blank canvas and started sketching. Vinhacker is the (ever-evolving) result of my personal beliefs turned into action.

The hack

7 problems (p) and their solutions (s)

P1: Short term and "off the hook"

When you lean on strangers (critics) to describe your offerings. When you engage in a war on price and empty superlatives. When you protect yourself with complicated legal agreements. Those are all signals of acting short term. That you want to get "off the hook".

S1: Long term with "skin in the game"

When I describe my own personal experiences with a wine. When I show vulnerability. When I let quality trump price. When I truly encourage you to demand a refund for wines you don't like (with no legal reservations). Then I am trying to tell you that I am looking for a long term relationship. And that I intend to have "skin in the game".

P2: Opaque price strategies dilute trust

Occasionally making a serious offer more sexy by wrapping it in a 'special discount' is fine. But the price startegies we see in the wine world is not sexy - it's pornographic. It's a race to the bottom and it dilutes your hard earned trust if you participate.

S2: Make discounts fixed and meaningful

Different prices for different levels of commitment. This is a discount strategy that creates meaning. If the prices match the quality I believe there's a good chance it will drive sales in the long term.

P3: Random ratings rule

Many wine merchants seems almost addicted to scores and ratings from critics. A 90+ score and a few positive quotes are handy tools to get a wine selling. It is also the easy way out, completely random and mostly useless.

S3: Make communication ultra personal

For a wine recommendation to have any positive effect it is crucial that you know and (mostly) agree with the sender. Keeping my emails and recommendations ultra personal will help you decide if we are on the same vinous wavelenght.

P4: Mass consumption is rewarded

When selling mass-produced wine it makes sense to reward mass-consumption. The obvious way is to provide a quantity discount. But what if you work with hand-made wines that comes in limited quantities?

S4: Reward trust and curiousity

By keeping the price of the first bottle as low as the price of bottle no. 12 I reward your curiosity and hunger for new experiences. By giving discounts when you subscribe to or preorder wine I reward the trust you've chosen to show me.

P5: Lack of transparency in wine production

Wine ranges from merely consisting of fermented grape juice to being a highly processed product with dozens of additives involved (organic wines no exception). The problem is: You can't spot the difference from the label.

S5: Ask for details and share

When there are no legal requirements to solve the transparency problem the obvious solution is to simply ask the producers and share their answers puclicly. My solution is not perfect but it's much better than doing nothing.

P6: The exclusivity of the 'natural wine club'

A lot of fine people are feeling excluded from what they perceive as the 'natural wine club'. Sometimes with good reason. And when they are finally invited inside they are often unable to fully appreciate the wines. Because nobody is guiding them.

S6: Invite, explain, guide

I intend to describe the wine for what it is and how I personally perceive it. Not from the basis of a hype or consensus. I acknowledge that natural wines can often cause challenges. Therefore I produce unique written material for every single wine to ensure that you will make the most of it.

P7: Storage and transportation

Storing your wines at the right conditions is a hassle if you live in the city. Living far from your wine dealer creates the problem of cumbersome and expensive delivery options. It's a hard puzzle to solve.

S7: Free storage options

I will keep the wines for you for as long as you need. Depending on your situation you can pick up the wines at your leisure or have them delivered whenever it suits you. I will also deliver your bottles to Urban Wine Box in Cph. (external partner). All of these options can be mixed for a free solution.

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