Our Memberships in 132 Words

Buying a membership extends the benefits of your regular email subscription. We put the full monthly subscription fee into your account where they can be used to buy natural wines. You can use the funds whenever you want and unused funds are automatically saved up from month to month. Buying a membership will unlock a lucrative 20% discount. On all wines. At all times. In practice, this means you are shopping at wholesale prices. Combining prepaid funds and other payment methods will not affect your discount. Pausing, upgrading, downgrading or cancelling your subscription membership is easy and cost free. And of course, members enjoy the same basic benefits as everyone else, including a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free storage solutions and handy how-to guides with every wine.

Nice and flexible terms


Your prepaid funds can be used whenever you like. Unused funds are automatically saved up from month to month and they are forever yours.


You are completely free to upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel your membership. From the dashboard it's just a few clicks away. Easy and cost free.


Your discount applies regardless of payment method. Whether you want to use your prepaid funds, Dankort, Visa, Mastercard or MobilePay is completely up to you.

Plus the basic benefits

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Not satisfied? Fill out a 1-minute form and we will give you a refund. No hassle, no cost, no questions asked.

Free unlimited storage

We will keep your bottles safe until you need them. Or we'll bring it to our external partner. It's free and it's flexible.

Handy how-to guides

Every wine include a handy card with practical tips, tricks and other relevant facts about the wine.