What am I doing now?

At the moment I am trying to focus on building the website you are looking at in this moment.

It turns out that building the site actually feels like building the business itself. So many questions and ideas come to mind when you try to organize your thoughts by writing content and adding data to the wine shop.

This winter has seen a lot of wine coming in. In December I started suggesting the winegrowers I have worked with before to do business in a new way. So far seven growers decided to have their wines in commission here in Copenhagen instead of doing things the old fashioned way. This is pretty exciting and it enables me to work on a good collection of wines in the webshop.

I will open up the website in a few hours from the moment I write this. This is a little pre-mature but it enables me to use the webshop again. During the spring I will gradually add more content and features to the site and shop.

I am thinking a lot about some kind of membership solution…

Oh, and i just decided to take my family to Germany and France during Easter. Mostly to hang out and enjoy the spring, but we will also have time to pay a few visits. I have Andreas Durst (Pfalz) and Laurent Bannwarth (Alsace) in mind.

Thanks to Derek Sivers and the /now page movement.