Small, Transparent & Independent

Vinhacker is definitely not for everyone. But if you can tick these three boxes off we might be on to something.

Small-scale winegrowers

Vinhacker is for small-scale winegrowers who work their vineyards organically and/or biodynamically. You produce high-quality wines that expresses a clear sense of place through healthy soils, strong plants, pure fruit and a low to non-intervention philosophy in the cellar.

Complete transparency

Naked wine? Real wine? Raw wine? Natural wine? Instead of trying to find the next buzzword I believe in communicating through trust and transparency. That is why I will probably quiz you about your winemaking processes and put the info on the website.

Independent mindset

Vinhacker is for the independent winegrower who wants to set herself and her wines free. Not just free from conventional production and mass markets but from everything that limits the ability to connect directly with the people who actually drink and enjoy your wines.

Three models

Choose one or mix the concepts to customize for your optimal solution.

The old fashioned way

Every winegrower's situation is unique, and it takes time to get to know new people and services and to build the trust that is needed to explore new business models together. So for many of the winegrowers I work with it makes sense to start slowly. Vinhacker is not a normal wine importer but I can act like one while we get to know each other. This usually means that some samples should be tasted. I only sell wines that I will drink myself, so if that is the case and the conditions are right, I will get to work. I usually give my audience of email subscribers the chance to pre-order the wines and after I have received these orders, I will decide on the quantities I want to buy. After a while we will see if people agree with me. If there is a good match (which is usually the case) we will start exploring how we can connect you closer to your new fans, take more control, reduce long-term risk, sell more wine and probably earn more from your wines too. But starting slow is often a very good idea for all of us. This model is for the first-timers and for the extra careful.

Sell from Copenhagen

You send a bunch of wines to Copenhagen. You decide which wines, in what quantities and the prices you want to offer the customers (I have an upper limit). I will arrange and pay for the transportation, I will deal with taxes and customs, I will store the wines for you, I will insure the wines, I will do the handling, I will put them in my webshop, handle payments and bring the wines to the customers. For this I take a small fee. I will also help you sell the the wines by different means of online communication. For the wines I help you sell, I will keep a commission of 15-20% but for the bottles that customers seek out themselves in the webshop this provision will not be applied. My help is completely optional, so you can also choose to save the commissions and let the wines sell themselves. Payment is done by bank transfer for every 100 bottles that is sold, and you can follow the sales rate with newly updated numbers every week. You can even get an email everytime a sale occurs. In general, I will try to get out of the way between you and your fans and only get involved when I am needed. This model is the one most growers choose to work with. It gives you great control over quantities and prices and you will probably sell a larger number of bottles and get paid more per bottle than when you work in the old fashioned way.

Sell from your cellar

If you don't like the idea of sending your wines away before getting paid, this might be a better option. You set aside a certain number of specific wines in your cellar. You decide the prices you want to offer to the customers and you provide me with a description of the wines and vintages (whatever you think is important to know). We set a deadline and start taking orders. When the deadline is reached you receive the payment and a truck arrives and takes the orders to Copenhagen. Everything will more or less be processed like in the "Sell from Copenhagen". The only significant difference is where the wines are stored before the customers take them home. You could also use the solution to sell your wines 'en primeur'. You will be bringing your wines directly to the fans at a fair price, you will be able to earn a little more and you have eliminated any kind of perceived risk in the process. This model is specifically for growers with a large and loyal audience who's wines can almost sell themselves.

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