Small, Transparent & Independent

Vinhacker is definitely not for everyone. But if you can tick these three boxes off we might be on to something.

Small-scale winegrowers

Vinhacker is for small-scale winegrowers who work their vineyards organically and/or biodynamically. You produce high-quality wines that expresses a clear sense of place through healthy soils, strong plants, pure fruit and a low to non-intervention philosophy in the cellar.

Complete transparency

Naked wine? Real wine? Raw wine? Natural wine? Instead of trying to find the next buzzword we believe in communicating through trust and transparency. That is why you will probably be quizzed about your winemaking processes so we can put the info on our website.

Independent mindset

Vinhacker is for the independent winegrower who wants to set herself and her wines free. Not just free from conventional production and mass markets but from everything that limits the ability to connect directly with the people who actually drink and enjoy your wines.

Mix & match

Based on your specific needs and conditions you can create your own tailor-made solution. If something is unclear or simply missing, just ask! (This idea is based on the assumption that we have already tasted and expressed interest in your wines)

Want to know more?

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