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At vinhacker.dk you can order products via our webshop. All prices include VAT and other taxes. The prices are current prices. When you shop at vinhacker.dk agreements are done in English. You will receive an order confirmation with an invoice attached via email once you have finished your order. At subscription payments you will likewise receive an invoice everytime the subscription is renewed. You can always send us an email to ask for a copy of the invoice.

At vinhacker.dk you are shopping in Danish kroner. You can also choose to view the (rounded) amounts in Euro. If you are accessing vinhacker.dk from a location outside of Denmark, you will probably see the prices in Euro, but the final price of the products are still traded in Danish kroner.


At vinhacker.dk you can use the following payment methods:

  • Visa (no fees)
  • Mastercard (no fees)
  • American Express (no fees)

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact Vinhacker via email for special arrangements.

Payments will be raised when the order is delivered

At vinhacker.dk, Stripe is used as the payment solution. With Stripe, it is not possible to hold credit card payments for more than 7 days, so we can not promise you that the money will not be deducted on your creditcard before the wines are shipped from our warehous, whichs is otherwise the custom for Danish online retailers. For pre-arrivals, it typically takes 1-4 weeks between the time you are offered to order the wines and the wines’ time of arrival in Copenhagen. Additionally, the delivery times from our warehouse to the customer ranges from a few days to around a month.

In order to accommodate the delay between payment and delivery we have made it extremely easy to get a refund of your purchase. You can request a refund here.

We will never (and are not capable of) withdraw a larger amount than the amount approved by you when you autherize the payment.

Payment for pre-orders

When you buy wine as a pre-order Vinhacker reserves the right to withdraw the payment for your order before the wine is sent to you or can be picked up. A pre-order means that you order one or several wines before they have arrived from the producer. When a wine is sold as a pre-order, it will be clearly stated in both sales material (usually an e-mail) and on the product page in the webshop.


Vinhacker offers memberships to customers who want to gain additional benefits when shopping with us. Memberships are subject to a fixed monthly subscription payment. Once your payment has been received we will deposit a corresponding amount on your account within 24 hours. The amount may be used on wine and wine tasting in our webshop.

Subscription Payments

Memberships are subject to a fixed monthly subscription payment. When ordering a membership you simultaneously activate the monthly recurring payment and you entitle us to deduct a fixed amount on your debit/credit card on the 1st of each month.

Pausing or cancelling your subscription

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Via the menu, select “Manage account” and then choose “Subscriptions” in the menu on the left. Next to the relevant subscription click on “View”. Under “Actions” select either “Suspend” (to pause your subscription and membership) or “Cancel” (to cancel your subscription and membership). If your subscription is paused, this is also where you reactivate it again. You are always welcome to contact us if you prefer us to manually pause or cancel your subscription.

Upgrade or downgrade your subscription

If you want to either upgrade or downgrade to a new membership (with a new monthly amount to be paid) simply purchase a new membership. The old membership and associated subscription will be replaced immediately.

Settlement dates for subscription payments

The fixed monthly settlement is always carried out on the 1st of each month.

Payment by debit/credit card

Subscriptions can be paid for with the following payment cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Once your payment has been completed you will receive an email with a receipt for your purchase and an attached invoice. You will also receive a receipt each time your subscription is renewed.

We do not see your card information when you pay with your debit/credit card and both the information you send through our website and the payment itself is sent via an encrypted connection.

If you wish to switch to a new debit/credit card for the monthly payment of your subscription (if your old card has expired, for example) simply cancel your existing subscription (see the guide above) and then purchase the membership again with your new debit/credit card. A new subscription will then be affiliated with your membership and the fixed monthly payment will be automatically deducted on your new card. Any prepaid funds will remain in your account even if you cancel your subscription membership for this period.

If you cancel your subscription we will delete all the information associated with the subscription.

Payments are ongoing until you cancel your subscription

The monthly subscription payment will automatically be carried out until you cancel your subscription. It is your own responsibility to stop payments if you no longer wish to be a member.

Delivery to your door step

We deliver wine to the door step approx. once every month. The exact delivery date depends on where in Denmark you live.

The price for delivery is 100 kr.

We deliver a minimum of 6 bottles.

Order delivery here.

Cancellation, returns and satisfaction guarantee

If you wish to cancel an order, exchange a wine or just want a plain refund, it’s not a problem. Just log in to your account and go to your list of orders. Click “request refund” and follow the simple instructions.

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