Wine tasting with Vinhacker

Wine tasting with Vinhacker

Yes, we do wine tastings.

For an informal tasting of whatever we decide to open on that specific day, simply give us notice and drop by our storage any Thursday between 3pm and 6pm. We may extend the opening hours if we are in the mood.

For a more formal tasting, read on…

Here is our promise

Prepare yourself to be challenged. Expect to have your mind bent. And get ready for some good fun!

  • We taste and discuss 6-8 different wines.
  • Requests are welcome, and we tend to look deep in the stash sometimes.
  • We come to you (post code 1000-4999)
  • We bring the glasses.
  • 1-12 participants (more? See add-ons below)
  • The tasting usually takes 2 hours (but 3 hours is also fine).


  • Participants order wines by filling out a form (and receiving an invoice afterwards).
  • You shop at wholesale/preorder prices.
  • Free delivery within a week (one location).

Price: 3.750 kr. (3.000,- ex. moms)

Add-ons and prices:

  • Postcode 5000-9999:
    + 1.850 kr.
  • 13 participants or more:
    + 1.250 kr. per interval of 12 participants

Send Joachim a message to arrange the details: